Harry & Deborah's wedding

Despite not having the best start to the day with the make up artist running late, Harry & Deborah brushed it off in style and carried on regardless, making the most of their special day and enjoying it as much as they could. 

John & Tessa's wedding

Tessa is a friend of my wife and entrusted me to capture her wedding day. Full of excellent touches, in a really nice church, and with the reception being held at St Katherine's Dock, the whole day was one for great photo opportunities. 

Clara's surprise 16th party

Clara turned 16 on April 9th 2016 and her parents arranged a surprise party for her. Loads of family and friends turned up to make sure it was a memorable one. 

Penelope's adventures

Penelope got to spend the day going on all sorts of adventures, including being taken up by balloons, going to the beach, and going into space as well as other exciting places. 

James & Natalie's secret wedding

James & Natalie had decided upon having a super secret wedding, in which there would be a larger celebration after their own wedding day. Having some friends in common with them, it was a tricky job, but nobody let it slip and it all went to plan. 

Dave & Cara's wedding

I've known Dave for a few years now, and so it was a pleasure to be able to capture his special day for him. Great weather, lovely grounds and spent with good company.

The Lake District

A short break to the Lake District meant I could take a boat across Lake Windermere and the typically British weather produced some perfect rainbows like this. 

Newquay 2015

A holiday in Cornwall always lends itself to some good photography. This paraglider took off from the hill I was standing on, and sailed off into the sun.

James & Floriana's wedding

James & Floriana got married at their church in Bedford. Floriana's family had travelled over from Romania for the occasion, making the most of their travels and staying for a few weeks to enjoy some time in England. 

Jemma & Graham's wedding

Jemma & Graham got married amongst some lovely scenery, surrounded by hills in Kent, making my job much easier. Their active children kept me on my toes, and provided constant entertainment. 

Aaron & Phebe's wedding

Aaron & Phebe managed to avoid the worst of the rain, timing the day well around the heavy showers. A local ceremony was followed by a nice reception in Putney overlooking the sun setting across the river Thames.

Matthew & Christiana's wedding

A trip up north to the city of Bradford was arranged for the wedding of Matthew and Christiana. Good but windy conditions made for a few fun photos, and there was some nice views from amongst the winding hills.